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ISEA is a professional service organization that represents a large number of senior executives and experts with proven records of commercial or societal achievements. ISEA's experts deliver strategic advice and operational support within a wide variety of expertise areas, leveraging the accumulated knowledge from previous experiences. Our clients range from early phase startups, to large-scale multinationals and public institutions.

Our experts have all committed to share their accumulated knowledge and insights to clients and talented young professionals who have a desire to become the next generation of industrial executives, entrepreneurs and experts.

Alongside its internal knowledge base, ISEA has access to an extensive network of senior industry contacts, public officials and academic researchers, as well as legal and financial advisors. ISEA utilizes this network to shorten the path to new insights, act as facilitators for new contacts, and promote the spread of proven solutions.

Global presence

ISEA is characterized by experts active on an international scale with a global network of business relations. ISEA shares its headquarters with Triathlon Consulting Group in Gothenburg, Sweden, and also operates out of shared regional offices in France, Russia and Japan. Our experts combine a deep understanding of local business culture, with long experience of building cross-border relationships. The ISEA network is the result of lifelong international careers, and has proven to be of extensive value to our clients in developing their businesses globally.


ISEA's experts are connected to the organization by ownership or by membership. Governance is conducted by its partners together with a central administration office.


ISEA’s history dates back to the 1990’s when a group of dedicated individuals with a broad experience from top executive positions founded the companionship "Qualified Minds". Over time, the companionship realized it had the potential to further assist Swedish industry with their combined expertise and knowledge. A vision to expand the organization and its operation formed and ISEA, Industry Senior Advisors, was the result. Since then, ISEA has grown continuously and today encompasses a wide range of senior executives and experts with different backgrounds and expertise. 

Affiliation to Triathlon

Triathlon Consulting Group is ISEA´s partner organization for management consulting services such as analysis and project management.

Triathlon Consulting Group is a partner owned, international management consultancy firm with focus on Strategy, Operations and Finance. Clients are primarily Nordic multinational companies in technology intensive industries. Triathlon is represented through its offices in Gothenburg (HQ), Tokyo, Lyon, Moscow and representative office in India.

The combination of experienced experts from ISEA together with consultants from Triathlon Consulting Group has been a successful approach to reach client’s wanted position. Together, the ISEA and Triathlon team provides accurate analysis and efficient implementations – delivered with the highest of professional standards.


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